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BBQ | Kendalben Barbeque - Grants, NM

There are few things that are more all-American than a good old-fashioned BBQ. It conjures up images of family, good times, and delicious food in the backyard around a BBQ pit. This delicious American tradition has been passed down from generation to generation and has become an art form all its own with many culinary schools specializing in how to make different types of BBQ.

It is true that BBQ has evolved significantly over the years as more Americans have the option of buying their favorite meals in an increasing number of restaurants. If you have ever tried to find one, you know that a good BBQ restaurant is hard to find.

If you have been searching high and low for the perfect BBQ, your search has officially ended. Kendalben Barbeque has the perfect combination of homemade goodness and professional skills to make every trip to our restaurant an entirely unique culinary experience. The team at Kendalben Barbeque has spent many years learning under the guidance of the best culinary teachers in the best culinary schools, and we are certain that everything we make is perfectly delicious.

BBQ is our passion, and we are dedicated to making the most exquisite food you have ever had. That is how high we have set the bar, and we are confident we can reach it every single time. We BBQ everything from smoked pork, to beef and bison.

We only use the best quality meat and the freshest ingredients so that we can be sure we are giving you the best food possible. You do not have to take our word for it. Come visit our restaurant and taste for yourself why we believe we are the best restaurant in Grants, NM.